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Duct Testing

When you are concerned about the overall health and energy efficiency of your home in ​Dallas, you have to check on many things. Proper insulation is a priority, as is making sure that you have a high-quality home heating and AC system. You also need to ensure proper ventilation, and probably have an indoor air cleaner and even a UV germicidal light installed, as well.But one element that’s easy to forget about is the importance of your air duct system. When you think about it, it makes sense that the health of your ducts could play such a significant role in the overall well-being of your home. After all, they are an integral part of your home heating and cooling system, any ventilation system you have in place, and the AC duct system is where your indoor air cleaner would be installed.

So, it only makes sense that it’s good for your system as a whole to ensure your ducts are in good working order. This is why it is important to schedule an annual or bi-annual duct cleaning, as this can help preempt premature duct repair, and helps the quality of the air you, your family and your pets breathe, each day.Whether you get this done on a regular basis or have never had it done, the technicians at Cool Air Mechanical are your Atlanta, GA, area duct testing experts. We have been performing this type of service for years and have all of the necessary experience and equipment to do a thorough and professional job.

Potential Ductwork Problems

If you neglect testing your ducts, you will not know what problems could be lurking just below the surface ready to erupt and complicate your life. Proper duct testing is designed to uncover these hidden problems and make it possible to correct them with targeted efforts. Even if your ductwork was of the highest quality when it was put in, small defects can develop over time and these will gradually begin to impact the ability of the entire system to perform, increasing the chances your home will need duct repair performed.Your ducts are a closed system and rely on certain levels of pressure in order to efficiently move air from one area to another. 

Even the smallest of leaks or cracks can upset this pressure balance and compromise the efficiency of the entire system.Leaks like this can let in outside contaminants that will add pollution to your indoor air, reducing your home's indoor air quality. While your air cleaner can certainly remove the majority of contaminants that enter your indoor air supply, it cannot do much if those contaminants come in at a point past where the air cleaner is located. That means that leaks in this part of your air ducts will compromise both the effectiveness of your home HVAC system and the quality of the air inside your home.



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